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About Steven

"Our fears are our enemy only when we allow them to control our lives!"  Steven Howard

Taking his own words to heart, Steven has contracted with a prominent digital marketing & communications firm to support the transfer and transformation of his website over to a new platform (WordPress), taking over management, marketing, and communication processes, all to provide a more professional and "user-friendly" navigation from one page to another. We ask for your patience while this occurs over the next 30 to 60 days. We also ask for your affirmative prayers, seeing this step of faith leading to the fulfillment of Steven's Spirit-led purpose: bringing Light onto the spiritual journey of others that they may experience a larger life of abundance, love, harmony, and peace.

Steven Howard is a bit of a late bloomer, as an author, having waited until he retired to begin writing in earnest. And even then, he discovered there were beliefs he held, quite unconsciously, ones that guaranteed he would never finish any manuscript he began. He had taken many writers' workshops, had read many books on creative writing, had stock-piled a collection of manuscripts, mostly unfinished or in need of a lot of editing, and he had joined a wonderful writer's critique group, all of which helped Steven to learn the craft of quality writing and storytelling.

Still, not one of the manuscripts ever saw the light of day or found themselves into the hands of any publisher, and "Why was that?" he finally asked himself.

It wasn't until he became aware of just how self-limiting some of his subconscious beliefs were that he was able to take a closer look at them, only to then realize he was allowing his life to be directed by those beliefs, that he had a choice: to continue to believe them or to consider the possibility he could achieve far more if he followed his passions, his heart. And so he began to listen.

Fast forward to the present moment, here is a listing of his published books:

Metaphysical Novels

  • The Darien Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, a Journey into Love (Part One - In the Beginning)

  • The Darien Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, a Journey into Love (Part Two - Into the Wasteland)

  • The Darien Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, a Journey into Love (Part Three - Moving into the Light)

*Spiritual Non-fiction

  • Living in the Moment

  • Curiosity: the Gateway into Knowing

  • What's Your Story and does it still serve you?

  • Silly Me! a Path to Self-Acceptance

  • Embracing Change

*Future Spiritual Non-fiction projects

  • Finding Inner Peace - a mid-summer release planned)

  • Finding One's Way to Forgiveness

  • Listening One's Way into Love

  • Loving One's Way into Joy!

  • Life Reviewed, Life Renewed!

*All of these books have a complimentary,

customized Companion Notebook

A Future Memoir Project

A Life Well-Lived (a Journey of the Heart)

Steven also offers a listening gift of a different guided meditation every month on the GUIDED MEDITATIONS page of this website. For the month of May 2022, Steven is pleased to offer you this recording of a new meditation on the spiritual power of POWER to support you on your spiritual journey! 

A longer Guided Meditation can be found on a drop-down page labeled SILENT UNITY!  Steven renders a heart-based reading of a prayer service taken from Unity's Silent Unity prayer services archives. The meditation changes each month. This one is for May 2022.


For some "not-so-random" thoughts being posted by Steven, visit the BLOG page. 




A Path of Life

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Dark Ocean

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New Booklets

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"Living in the Moment"


is the first in a series of writings offering tested pathways to a more fulfilling life and answers to a variety of life challenges we all face! It offers insights and easy-to-follow steps to recognize whether one is living in the present moment or in either the past or the future, as well as how to begin recognizing and diffusing the power of the “demon” false beliefs that block us from experiencing the greater life possibilities which enable us to live a more fulfilling and joy-filled life. It is about discovering the power of choice!

"Curiosity: The Gateway into Knowing"

     It is a sharing of  Steven's journey out of the darkness of a life half-lived into one of unlimited possibilities fulfilled.


       A pathway into self-awareness fed by becoming compassionately curious and experiencing a transformation of consciousness from "knowing about" to one of "knowing." And, in the process, discovering the truth of who he is and his purpose for being here in this lifetime.

     This booklet provides a set of tools and exercises, based upon material that has been studied and used by Steven and literally thousands of other people with great success. If you have old dreams collecting dust in the recesses of your mind and wish you could turn them into reality, then this is the book for you!

MoreNew Booklets


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"What's Your Story

and does it still serve you?"


This is the third in a series of writings offering tested pathways to a more fulfilling life and answers to a variety of life challenges we all face! This one  offers insights and easy-to-follow steps and exercises to the very necessary review of one's "life story" to understand how our belief system has created our current experience and how we can change both what we experience now and what we could have in the future!

Readers will be given the opportunity to take an honest but compassionate look at their story and decide whether they're ready to rewrite a new story, accessing a dozen qualities that are available to them deep within. It is an enlightening and honest sharing of Steven's own journey into a life of possibilities being fulfilled.

And, once you've purchased the book, you can download your own free copy of the Companion Notebook by just clicking on the PDF icon above!













Embracing Change

This latest booklet addresses the challenges of dealing with the changes we all expereince in our daily living. Steven shares with you:

  • some of the blocks and obstacles to change

  • the treasures revealed through compassionate inquiry

  • what's involved in taking those first steps into freedom from limitation

  • the role judgment plays in our lives

  • how to make room for the changes you want in your life and

  • the importance of Daily prayer and meditation time


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MoreNew Booklets 










"Silly Me!

A Path to Self-Acceptance"

     While it is a sharing of  Steven's personal journey into unconditional self-acceptance, it offers much more than that.

     You will gain an understanding about how our minds work and how we can empower ourselves in ways that actually change our brain chemistry.

      Steven provides tools and exercises, based upon material that has been studied and used by him and literally thousands of other people with great success. This book invites the reader to laugh at one's own "mistakes," reminding us they are just more opportunities to learn something about ourselves. And just maybe God is laughing right along with us!

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"Finding Inner Peace"

That's the title of Steven's next book and the word is "It's the best yet!" 

A mid-summer publication is planned.


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